Flexiroof is the New Zealand's simplest and most elegant permanent shelter for your deck or patio.

Beautiful, simple design – no visually bulky timber purlins or beams – just clever 100% Kiwi thinking letting you see the clouds, sun and raindrops.

Simple and strong connection

Iconic products are sometimes defined by simplicity … what they deliberately “design-out”… e.g. the wonderful Apple™ products. So it is with Flexiroof!

A nice bonus feature is our beams cover and support the overlap of the premium polycarbonate sheets, so that, as time passes, there will be no visible mould growing between sheet overlaps.

Flexiroof™ is simple, elegant and affordable

Flexiroof™ is a unique and carefully designed and crafted New Zealand product. We have focused on modular simplicity to create beautiful shelter.

Other brands and systems that use polycarbonate are heavy with clutter and parts. These things add both cost and visual noise. With Flexiroof shelter you can see the clouds wafting by.

Simple | Quiet | Strong | Clean | Beautiful

Versatile modular design - what do you want?

Flexiroof ™ is versatile by design … What do you want?

  1. A kitset or fully-installed?
  2. Polycarbonate in clear bronze or grey?
  3. Free standing, or attached to your house?
  4. Horizontal or lean-to in orientation?

Flexiroof™ the world’s most beautiful patio or deck shelter

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