About Us

Flexiroof is changing shelter forever

The “shelter industry” is a USD 4 trillion dollar industry world wide. You would think it has most things sorted. Not so …

For 100s of years sheet roofing has been used. In fact corrugated iron was invented in London in the 1820s … but  if you step back a bit … it is a bit daft the way we are still using sheet metal/plastic.

Let me highlight two issues:

  1. COST: A roof is all about shelter, but the cost and bother is largely about supporting the sheet that provides the shelter.
  2. HOLES: 100s of little holes are deliberately drilled or punched in brand new waterproof sheet. The connection is intermittent and the holes are leak and damage opportunities.

It is time for fresh thinking re shelter

Here at Flexiroof we are a small team which is developing a family of design relating to shelter and building structure.

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