Kitset Shelter Prices

GST included

Your choice – DIY or full installation by our fussy agents!


Link to pdf of price list suitable for viewing, sharing or printing



Flexiroof shelters are very durable, and quiet in the wind, because we support all sheets along the edges.

  • Also because our designs cover all sheet edges you will not have that horrible dirt, lichen, mold etc accumulation featured by other systems!
  • Our shelters are flat in form – but feature a subtle but clever technology – a tiny reverse arch in the sheet – not along the sheet length but across the width.
    • Whilst hardly perceptible – your friends are unlikely to even notice it – this tiny arch technology actually delivers significant advantages.
    • Tiny arch means our shelters are  [1] stronger [2] easier to assemble, and [3] able to expand and contract automatically whether the air temperature is sub zero or baking hot!


Our polycarbonate sheet is premium quality Laserlite brand.

  • Cleaning with soapy water suffices – unless you leave things for too many years!
  • The polycarbonate is available in dark grey, and light grey. We do not offer clear as it is just too damn hot!


The alluminum extrusions we use are 50% stronger than that used for window joinery, and all nut and bolts in our kit are  stainless steel.

  • All parts have a 15 year guarantee
  • We give no guarantee otherwise for kitsets.
  • However an accredited Flexiroof agent installs your kitset, then additionally there an installation guarantee of 2 years.

Powdercoat colours

There are 100s of colours available for the alluminum parts.

  • See this Dulux colour chart link
  • We have decided to offer just two colours as standard, to keep our prices lower, but can make roofs in the other colours.
  • Please be aware that ordering non standard colours will add 10% and about 1 month to the delivery or installation time.

Building consents

Any roof with an area of more than 20m2 requires a building consent – a “permit”.

  • Here is a link to the Building Act.
  • In some situations you can build adjacent roofs, each less than 20m2, but with separate posts.

More information

Please call us on 0800 400 000 to discuss or to be introduced to a local agent.

  • We have a growing network of agents from Auckland to Dunedin, who can provide a free quote for installation cost.
  • However as an alternative you can consider a DIY installation, but only if you are a rock star DIYer – experienced!
  • As a guide … If you have built a garage or small building then you should be aok.



If you would like a quote for full installation:

  1. Send a couple of photos of your deck or patio via your cell phone, to 021 944 122 , or via email to info@flexiroof.co.nz
  2. Share your proposed shelter dimensions via email or txt. (measure from the inside edge of your spouting – not the house)
  3. Optional: Let us know a number and time so we can call you for a chat, or call us on 021 944 122 or 0800 400 000