Kitset Shelter Prices

GST included

Your choice – DIY or full installation by our fussy agents!


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Flexiroof shelters are very durable, and quiet in the wind, because we support all sheets along the edges.

  • Also because our designs cover all sheet edges you will not have that horrible dirt, lichen, mold etc accumulation featured by other systems!
  • Our shelters are flat in form – but feature a subtle but clever technology – a tiny reverse arch in the sheet – not along the sheet length but across the width.
    • Whilst hardly perceptible – your friends are unlikely to even notice it – this tiny arch technology actually delivers significant advantages.
    • Tiny arch means our shelters are  [1] stronger [2] easier to assemble, and [3] able to expand and contract automatically whether the air temperature is sub zero or baking hot!


Our polycarbonate sheet is premium quality Laserlite brand.

  • Cleaning with soapy water suffices – unless you leave things for too many years!
  • The polycarbonate is available in dark grey, and light grey. We do not offer clear as it is just too damn hot!


The alluminum extrusions we use are 50% stronger than that used for window joinery, and all nut and bolts in our kit are  stainless steel.

  • All parts have a 15 year guarantee
  • We give no guarantee otherwise for kitsets.
  • However an accredited Flexiroof agent installs your kitset, then additionally there an installation guarantee of 2 years.

Powdercoat colours

There are 100s of colours available for the alluminum parts.

  • See this Dulux colour chart link
  • We offer a choice of over 200 powder-coat colours, but for three colours only we have special pricing which is 10% less. These colours are:
    • Matt Ironsand
    • Matt Titania ( a cream)
    • Matt Grey Friars

Building consents

Any roof with an area of more than 20m2 requires a building consent – a “permit”.

  • Here is a link to the Building Act.
  • In some situations you can build adjacent roofs, each less than 20m2, but with separate posts.
    • Call us to learn more here 0800 400 000

More information

Please call us on 0800 400 000 to discuss or to be introduced to a local agent.

  • We have a growing network of agents from Auckland to Dunedin, who can provide a free quote for installation cost.
  • However as an alternative you can consider a DIY installation, but only if you are a rock star DIYer – experienced!
  • As a guide … If you have built a garage or small building then you should be aok.


If you would like a quote for full installation:

  1. Send a couple of photos of your deck or patio via email to info@flexiroof.co.nz
  2. Share your proposed shelter dimensions via email. (measure from the inside edge of your spouting – not the house)
  3. Optional: Let us know a number and time so we can call you for a chat, or call us 0800 400 000
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